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Helpful Links
Michigan Translators and Interpreters Network
The Michigan Translators and Interpreters Association. For more information about MiTiN, Please check out their website.
The Translators and Interpreters Guild
The Translators and Interpreters Guild is a union for people in this profession.
TRADOS The Language Architects
Acme Translations is a user of TRADOS. TRADOS is a translation memory software that provides you, our client, with consistency in translations.
The Goethe Institute
The Goethe Institute website will provide you with information about German language and culture.

Oakland University
Oakland University is one of the few universities in the country to offer a certificate in translation. Sonya has completed their rigorous certification program. For more information about Oakland University, please see their website.
The Society of Automotive Engineers
The SAE is an organization that promotes the advancement of automotive technology for engineers and those related to the field. ACME Translations is a member of the SAE.